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More than 90% of all business information (data) has a geographic component ie. an address, a postcode, a territory number, a phone area code, a site location, etc. Therefore, the most effective way of gaining an advantage from this business information (an asset you already retain) is by using the geographic component in a Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS integrates common database operations such as querying and statistical analysis with the unique visualisation and geographic benefits offered by maps.

Once the business information is spatially enabled using GIS, it is able to be visualised ("a picture says a thousand words") and can be appropriately termed "location–based intelligence" (LBI). This enables relationships and trends to be identified that may not be recognised using other techniques. LBI can play a significant role at every level of business. Whether you need more decision information for a major capital investment, a market positioning strategy, new product development, customer relationship management, or a day–to–day routing problem, LBI is a mission critical "decision support" tool.

The improved interpretation and value of your retained business information not only supports improved decision making, but it also facilitates the distribution of business intelligence throughout an organisation and its business relationships network (clients, suppliers, shareholders, Board of Directors, etc). In addition, your existing business information can be enhanced by integrating other key datasets eg. demographic data, competitor locations, market segmentation information, relevant infrastructure, etc. This informs/educates/empowers all levels of an organisation and its operations.

Spatial Decisions + Business Information = Location Based Intelligence = BUSINESS ADVANTAGE